Our Hours

Well we have changed them, again...

We've been closed only on Sunday since Oct of last year. Monday is very slow at the commercial center, very very slow, most of our neighbors aren't open on Monday so it's been maybe a tenth of the sales of any other day of the week. As we've said before, we want to be open more, a coffeehouse should be open early and open late, and seven days a week.

So that said, we are closing on Monday, but adding hours on Saturday. Our new hours effective immediately will be

Tuesday-Friday 9am-8pm

Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday-Monday CLOSED

Our stage, we have been asked a lot about what we plan to do with it. Number one thing is to provide it for free to free shows. What that means is if you have a band and you want to play, great we can do that, but you can not charge for the show at all. There are two reasons behind this, one we are a coffeehouse, not a venue. We sell coffee. Second our stage isn't properly equipped to be rented, we have no PA of our own and the stage lights are just sorta so so.

Will we ever rent our the stage? Quite possibly yes, yes for after hours shows etc. but right now no, we don't want to rent it.

Will our hours change? absolutely, as soon as we start hiring it will be to lengthen our hours (you know its just been the two of us since October)

Stay tuned and thanks for all the support so far. We felt the love from this community from day one and it's been very inspiring. Thank You.

Nosferatu turns 100!

Come on down to FortBedlam as we blow out the candles for the grand daddy of Vampire films. The nights tone will be set with the help of live pianist (Andrew Taylor) playing alongside the silent film classic. May very well be a night to remember, come on down Saturday the 5th of March at 8pm to celebrate the film that set off a firestorm of monster movies.

UPDATE- this event was a smash success every seat filled, so happy everyone came out to celebrate this event, Thanks!

Did you miss it?

Natasha Hall Screening Jan 29th 8pm @ FortBedlam

Well you've got another chance coming up this Saturday. Natasha Hall directed by Joe Black and starring his wife Cat. How often do you get to watch a movie WITH the director and the stars? Well head over here Saturday night the 29th at around 7:30/7:45 show starts at 8pm. Don't forget to buy some fresh popcorn or grab a soda. Admission is free.

Come watch Planet of the Vampires with us.

The SciFi Center and FortBedlam Afterhours present for your ocular enjoyment the Mario Bava directed Planet of the Vampires. Watch Dec 11th at 8pm free with purchase of anything at FortBedlam.

click HERE to watch the trailer.

a 1965 Italian-Spanish science fiction horror film, produced by Fulvio Lucisano, directed by Mario Bava, that stars Barry Sullivan and Norma Bengell. The screenplay, by Bava, Alberto Bevilacqua, Callisto Cosulich, Antonio Roman and Rafael J. Salvia, was based on an Italian-language science fiction short story, Renato Pestriniero's "One Night of 21 Hours". American International Pictures released the film as the supporting film on a double feature with Daniel Haller's Die, Monster, Die! (1965).
The story follows the horrific experiences of the crew members of two giant spaceships that have crash landed on a forbidding, unexplored planet. The disembodied inhabitants of the world possess the bodies of the crew who died during the crash, and use the animated corpses to stalk and kill the remaining survivors.
Years after its release, some critics have suggested that Bava's film was a major influence on Ridley Scott's Alien (1979) and Prometheus (2012), in both narrative details and visual design. (from Wikipedia)

Free New Movie Screening

Wanna see a movie? a brand new one that almost no one has even seen yet? You know you do.

December 21st at Fort Bedlam, the film should start at about 8:15 pm

From IMDB ---Natasha Hall is an up-and-coming private eye must get the only evidence of a brutal killing into trustworthy hands before the mob catches up with her.

Natasha Hall is the name of the film and there is a pretty great trailer to be found HERE. Natasha Hall is directed by Joe Black, check out more of his fine work HERE

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