What’s the Historic Commercial Center of Las Vegas?

Google describes it as a sprawling open-air shopping mall featuring a variety of restaurants, shops & entertainment spots. Tripadviser.com says of the HCCD “The most historic unique shopping, exotic dining, fun arts & entertainment off the strip offering free parking. And Vice magazine ran a story called the History of the Weirdest, Queerest Strip Mall in Vegas.” The byline of which lists some of the highlights, at least in 2016 they were highlights, the Pentecostal church is still there, as are three? others? America’s Best Thai Food is open again after a roof collapse and a pandemic, the straight swingers club, the world famous Green Door is still there, as is the Gay equivalent the Entourage.

Honestly if your interested you really should read the Vice Magazine story, it highlights much of the illustrious history of the center, from Sinatra to Liberace to Snoop, they’ve all been to the square, some just to pick of their dry cleaning.

Now four, nearly five years after that article and amid a completely unreal global event the little strip mall that could, is still doin’ what it does. New leases are being signed, and property improvements are on going. New contemporary galleries (Nancy Good) new food (Catcher’s) and new coffee (Fort Bedlam) have opened or are opening soon. Jin Mee Korean BBQ who won city best in 2014 is open, the former food truck sensation Sausagefest has found a brick and mortar location in the center.

Some great old classics not highlighted in the Vice story are still at it as well, the Cue Club for instance now in it’s 55 year. John Fish’s Jewelry is still in business residing right next to the John Fish School for Jewelry Design, and still producing pieces for some of the musics industries biggest, and Tiffany’s Cleaners is still handling Vegas’ sequin gowns. The Ice Palace, although now actually the Sahara Event Center is still actually there, the building where Led Zeppelin, Credence, possibly Jimi, and definitely the doors played here at a show that was nearly canceled after Jim’s Miami <smirk> incident, the list of names that played here really is a late 60’s early 70’s playlist of artists, Marley, ELO, The Dead it goes on and on. Now it’s a an adult roller skating bar and roller hockey center, I guess the ice is gone then, but there was some talk of getting shows back under that roof as late as 2018, fingers crossed.

Stay tooned for more about the Fort Bedlam Plans for Vegas as the first location begins to take shape. Check back for updates.

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