Hello Las Vegas!

Let’s start off with a thank you to our neighbors, who in just he first week have made us feel so loved, wanted, and needed. Thank you, Everyone has been so great.

Our hours; we always knew the best choice for hours would be later. As of today our hours are 10a-7p. It’s our intention to add to the night hours, ideally we’d like to be open all the time, 24/7 but that’s a staffing and security issue, staffing for 3a is rough, and security at this location might be an even bigger challenge. Being open till midnight on Friday and Saturday, and till 10 the rest of the week may be perfect for the square.

Very soon we will begin to hire but right now however we are just two guys, as our base grows we will start hiring with the goal being to hire people to add hours with.

Everything to everyone is our mission. With that said, please bear with us as we adapt to this market and it’s particular unique needs in both hours and menu. No place can truly give every customer exactly what they want but that has never stopped us from trying.


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