December Updates

Well here we are over a month in and already we’ve had two events, And already have two more planned, stay tooned for details.

We are still working out the best time to be open, and honestly we are being pulled in two different directions, one group really wants us to open earlier, the other wants us to be open later. The earlier crowd is loudest tho. Right now the earliest we can open (and have baked goods) is 8am. Could the two of us do an 8am-8pm? Maybe? 8a to 4p or 5p seems more likely. If the two of us do 12 hours a day 5 days a week, we will opening later on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday we’d do the 10a-4p thing. Then there’s the Monday issue, many of our neighbors are closed on Monday, or Las Vegas Sunday as we are calling it, being big on tourists we all have to be open all weekend so we get it, it’s weird in practice but we get it. Right now we are closed on Monday and it’s very strange, but it does let us do admin stuff that we can’t do on Sunday, again just till we start hiring. Our goal is still 7a-10p seven days a week, it’ll just take a second or two to get there.

SOUP TIME! starting here in just he next few days tho, we’ll be adding soup to our menu. We will start with one soup each day till sales pick up and then we’ll offer two. Cups or bowls will be served with a cheese roll for here or to go.

Christmas gifts ideas from FortBedlam. Shirts and Mugs are available, Beans by the pound, and buttons too. We’ve got posters made by our resident artist PowderMonkey for sale in the store. And gifts cards too!

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